Understood by a few...but working on changing that.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Lonely, Tired, Busy...

... a very bad combination.

I finally found some time at 2am to write this post. I've been sooooooooo busy. Wife is pregnant and there were some complications with that. She's been in the hospital since June 27th. She and the baby are alright now. But they are still monitoring her and we don't know when she'll be able to come home.

So I've been home alone. But lately I've been going to work, go to the hospital, spend the night, leave around 6 or 7am to go home and get ready for work. Then do it all again. It's been very tiring and time consuming. But I miss her the most. The quiet evenings at home...the late night movies...the "us" time.


But it will not last forever. I know things will get better and even better than before.

Our son is very active and is always moving. We saw a sonogram and it showed his face. He looks just like my wife! Because of this I suggested that he be named after his grandfather (Joseph). Since Nat looks like her father and the baby looks like her; the baby looks like her father. Do you follow my logic?? Cool.

So right now the 3 name options we have are Joseph, Caiden, and Arthur.

In other news, I am back in touch with my ex-girlfriend. We have an interesting history too long and elaborate to get into here. But it's cool to be speaking again with one of my closest friends. She's married, in GA, and she just found out she's 1 month pregnant. :)

I am planning to take a less active role in freelancing. I realize that it's hard for me to have time or money. And I rarely have them simultaneously. I will have even less of both when our little boy makes his appearance. So with the help of Sonny I am looking into alternative means of acquiring my 40 acres and a mule.

I don't know when I'll be back on here again. So just pray for us.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Been a while

My wife is due around Nov. 20th. We are having a boy. :) I am slowly getting my mind around the fact that I will be calling my child son. As we get closer and closer to the due date, this whole fatherhood thing gets realer and realer.

I am still working at AIM. I am still helping out my friends in the music biz. I am almost finished with one of my friends website.

Hoefully I can write more later on this week.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Music is bringing me in

I have a dream to help my musically gifted friends get on in the industry. That's particially why I hooked up with Lace Records. However, yesterday was a good day. I'm currently helping one of my hip hop artist friends with his music career. I've already secured a very well known, professional photographer for his photoshoot. This photographer has worked with 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Sean Paul, Dwele, Avant, Busta Rhymes, Shaq, and Miri Ben-Iri. And we're getting him for almost nothing!!!

I'm very excited to see how all this turns out. I will be using the photos to create my friend's website, cd covers, press kit, etc. I'll post more when it develops.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

I've been copied!!!

I was checking my stats and I noticed that I was getting hits for a keyword that I never coded for. The keyword is "bestwaycargo". I went to their website; and to my astonishment I found out that it was using my html and my stylesheet. The only thing that changed where some of the images and a few text links.

Best Way Cargo
vs. 3eleven Creative

I mean this is the first time (that I know of) where my work has been copied. There is a sense of pride (like my work must've been pretty good for someone to copy it); but at the same time it's still my work, and therefore should not be copied.

I've already sent them an email. Let's see what develops.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Consistency is needed

Bear with me. I know I should be updating more but I can never seem to find time.

My wife is 3 months pregnant.

I am now a consultant at Analysts In Media. I just redesigned their three websites: Business Trends Quarterly, Future Pharmaceuticals, and Future Healthcare. A very, very cool client they are.


I just realized the other day that when I was in college I used to dream about doing web design for a magazine. I just occured to me that I'm doing it for three!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Life Update

I'm trying to get a grasp of the concept of work/life balance. Making sure that I evenly spread my time out between regular work (my 9-5), my work (freelancing, other projects, etc.) and my wife. Right now I work all day then I'm too tired to do anything else. And even If I have energy, I need to give my wife attention. God will give me insight in all of this.

It seems like I have a million socks with no matches. It's starting to get on my nerves. Hopefully, I will find most of them the next time I do laundry. Maybe I should buy these.

Does God what me in the entertainment business?
This is what it seems like. I personally know alot of upcoming rappers, singers, actors, dj's, etc. I know the owner of the studio where Sean Paul records his albums. I have a friend who personally knows Mona Scott to the point of being invited to her house for a barbeque. The list goes on. And all of this without trying. I originally just wanted to make websites.

So recently, I'm helping my friend get his record label off the ground. I am heading up the New Media department. Learn more about that. Exciting stuff.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Smells like Summer

The last couple of days we've experienced some warm weather. It took me back man. Made me think about past summers in high school and college. The stuff I did and the crew I did it with. I actually felt younger..wierd.

I have to rethink my heart on a number of things. One of them is about using my talents for the right things and motives. Not getting caught up in selfish ambition but putting God first before my businesses. I can get realy involved in myself and the things I want and how I'm going to make them happen. So much so that I neglect the really important stuff.... like people's souls.